5 Must-see Attractions in Perth, Australia

The “City of Light”, or what we call today as Perth, is a not-so popular place as compared to Sydney, Australia. It is nice to introduce Perth basically because if you’ve come to know about this lovely city, you will realize that it is more than just a capital in the Western Australia. What make Perth interesting are the facts that: 1.) Perth is considered to be the most isolated city in the world, and 2.) Perth is the sunniest capital in the world. These world records are so interesting that makes you eager to know what really is in Perth. By staying in the Free Transit Zone or by riding a free CAT bus, you can quickly travel around the center of Perth without spending even a single cent! I guess, that’s what makes Perth engaging enough. These are the five (5) places that you must visit while in Perth:

1. Kings Park and Botanic Garden
Kings Park and Botanic Garden is the major must-see attraction in Perth. This is not just a typical park where families could enjoy, but it is a park filled with history and backed-up by scenic views of Perth. This 4.06km2 park is said to be the green heart of Perth. You could see the Swan River and the Darling Range while you are in the Kings Park and Botanic Garden.

2. Museum of Western Australia
History is what makes a city unique. Perth has a lot of histories to tell – from their natural to their cultural histories. Stories, exhibits and interpretations are made available to those who want to get to know Perth. Take time to know Perth’s first people, heritage buildings, their traditional way of living and even Perth’s flora and fauna. The museum is open everyday except Wednesdays and certain holidays, at 9:30am-5pm.

3. Perth Mint
As per record, the Perth Mint is the world’s oldest gold mints still in operation, and Perth has the highest population of millionaires. You cannot help but accept the fact that indeed, there are a lot of millionaires in Perth. One of the must-see tourist attractions in Perth is the Perth Mint. In Perth Mint, you will see demonstrations on how they make gold and turn it to bars, coins, medallion and a lot more. There is a guided heritage tour in Perth Mint that would interactively tell you and show you the history of the grand heritage building itself, the secured vault, the original melting house and the outputs. This Perth Mint tour provides fun activities like: letting you know your worth in gold and engraving your own medallion. At the end of the tour, you can buy yourself a little souvenir from the Perth Mint.

4. Swan River
The Swan River is what makes Perth’s growth possible. The Swan River links a lot of regions and suburbs in Perth. This is a must-see attraction in Perth because aside from its lovely breath-taking views, it is the Western Australia’s first heritage icon. To have a great and memorable experience, you could take a cruise. Half-day cruises are available wherein you have a choice between Swan River Cruise only with free coffee and tea and Upper Swan Lunch Cruise which includes a buffet lunch.

5. Art Galleries
There is a festival in Perth that they call as “Perth International Arts Festival”. This is celebrated yearly on the months February to March. This festival showcases Perth’s art ranging from drama, theatre, music and even visual art, street art and a lot more. It is a must to visit even a single art gallery in Perth and let yourself uncover Perth’s history in a vibrant and artistic way.

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