Top 5 Facts about Dubai

The emirate of Dubai, or simply Dubai, is one of the seven (7) emirates or territories of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Today, Dubai is considered to be the most populous state in the UAE. The reason as to why tourists and locals love Dubai, is because it is an open-city but relatively a safe city. In fact, Dubai is considered to be one of the safest cities in the world. What is also lovable about Dubai is the fact that you could actually scout good deals on items. Often times you may think that it is expensive in Dubai, but in reality, it’s not because it is a tax-free city.

When we speak of Dubai, what also comes into our mind are their high-rise architectural-designed buildings and skyscrapers and stunning landmarks. Even if we only see it in photographs, we cannot help but notice and appreciate these man-made works and efforts. Dubai constantly amazes us in one way or another. To get you even thrilled about Dubai, here are the 5 things you think you know about Dubai but you actually don’t:

1. No street addresses, No address system
It’s hard to look for something when you don’t know what to look for. This is also true in Dubai basically because they do not have street addresses, zip codes and area codes. You might think that this is weird. Yes, it’s weird but it’s true. There is no street address system in Dubai because they do not stop constructing. They constantly change their roads and this would result to a change in building number. This is why, when they send a package to a post office, they usually include a sketch of the location of the recipient. If this isn’t possible, then the recipient should contact a post office box and personally receive the package.

2. Majority of the residents are foreigners
Eighty five percent (85%) of the residents in Dubai are foreigners. Only fifteen-percent (15%) of the residents are Emiratis. Emiratis or Dubaians are the words that would refer to locals of Dubai. The reason as to why there are more foreigners than locals in Dubai, is because Dubai rapidly grows into a modern city. With this fast-pace change, large amount of labor is required. Therefore, they outsource workers.

3. Fast and furious
As mentioned earlier, Dubai is one of the safest cities in the world. It is very much possible because policemen in Dubai uses Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren and Bentley as their police cars. With this, they can quickly attend to emergencies, accidents and crimes. Speedy response is expected.

4. Gold bars in ATMs
Expect the unexpected in Dubai! In Dubai, not only you can withdraw cash from the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM), but also you can withdraw gold bars from it. They call it as “Gold-to-Go” machine. You can withdraw a 24-carat gold in different sizes, may it be a coin or jewelry or anything. This machine is guarded by armored guards to insure safety.

5. No Public Display of Affection
Public display of affection is strictly prohibited in Dubai. A specific code of conduct is to be followed in Dubai for the very reason that they wanted to uphold the decency and morality of each individual. Once you are caught not abiding the code of conduct, you will be arrested and imprisoned or deported from Dubai (whichever is appropriate).

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