Top 7 Things to Experience in Venice

Venice is one of the most visited, interesting and lovely tourist destinations in the world. Venice is known to be the world’s only pedestrian city with the absence of cars that will give you a much more pleasant experience. Walking around the city, strolling along the canals and appreciating beautiful sceneries and buildings are just some of the greatest things to enjoy in Venice, Italy. The city was rumoured as one of the expensive tourist spots in the world, but little did they know that they can actually enjoy some things in Venice without spending a lot. To give you a better idea about this alluring city, here is a list of the top 10 things that you must experience and enjoy in Venice:

1. Tour in St. Mark’s Basilica
One of the famous tourist spots to enjoy on Venice is the St. Mark’s Basilica or locally known as Basilica Di San Marco. There’s no entrance fee to tour the main part of the Basilica. You’ll get to see many treasures such as the Pala d’ oro, made of gold statues, and amazing carvings on beautiful thousands of square feet of glittering mosaics that covers with gold mosaic tiles.

2. Experience an amazing view of Venice at Campanile

You can enjoy the breathtaking view of the whole city of Venice and St. Mark’s square at Campanile Di San Marco. It‘s the highest structure built within the city of Venice. The good thing is, there’s a large and speedy elevator to ride in order for you to get on the top view of Campanile that will save you a lot of energy to enjoy other tourist spot within the day.

3. Visit the Rialto Market and immerse yourself in Venetian’s local life

Don’t miss to immerse yourself in Venetian’s local life to the Rialto Market in Venice for food shoppers. Shopping in Rialto Market is quite less expensive compared to the tourist- filled Piazza in San Marco. The Rialto Market is commonly known as a fish market and a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits are for sale as well. If you want to buy something on this market, just point what you want to buy to the vendor and they’ll choose and put it in a bag for you after you’ve paid.

4. Get around in a gondola
If you’ve some extra money left in your pocket, don’t miss out this wonderful experience to get around in a Gondola. It’s quite expensive and try to ask for discounts with the Gondoliere to reduce the price of their service. It’s a fascinating and sweet experience if you’re with your love one riding on this Gondola.

5. Ride a vaporetto and have a tour down the Grand Canal
If you’re in a hurry and want to get around a bit more quickly, vaporetto are the best way and will cost you a little cheaper than water taxi’s in Venice. Riding in a vaporetto will let you enjoy and discover Venice with its fascinating sceneries along the Grand Canal.

6. Take time to appreciate Venetian art
Venice is also well known for its unique precious Venetian art that came from the late middle ages which includes various artists of the highest talent that left their arts all over the city.

7. Enjoy listening to an orchestra in Piazza San Marco
After long hours of adventure, Take a seat and enjoy listening to an orchestra in Piazza San Marco at night. You may choose among these three restaurants within the square. One of these is Caffé Florian. Just order a glass of cocktail drink, sit back and relax and enjoy their amazing performances.

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